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Vaccintions for Seniors

Vaccines are not just something that you have to get for your children, but they are also very important for Seniors.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has three different vaccines that they recommend Seniors should have done.  If you do not have one of these, then I suggest you plan accordingly.

1. Influenza Vaccine: The flu is not as dangerous for young people as it is for the elderly. Since the flu virus is able to change rapidly, do not assume that last year’s shot is going to protect you this flu season.  Everyone over 6 months of age should get the vaccination, according to the CDC. They also mention that it is extremely important for individuals over fifty to get the vaccination.

2. Shingles Vaccine: Shingles comes from the same virus which causes children to get chickenpox.  The symptom is a painful skin rash.  The CDC recommends that anyone over the age of 60 should be vaccinated.  Unlike the influenza vaccine, this one last a lifetime and reduces the likelihood of becoming infected by over 50%.

3. Pneumococcal Vaccine: Just like with Shingles, this vaccine lasts a lifetime.  If you have not already gotten it and are over the age of 65, then it is strongly recommended that you get this taken care of as soon as possible.  Pneumococcus is the bacterium that causes pneumonia.

Women’s Consignment Sale

Between Kay Jewelers and Foot Locker from March 29th through the 31st, the Cary Towne Center is having a Women’s Consignment Sale.  Do you love the designer look, but not the designer price tag?  Well you can update your whole wardrobe for the same price as just picking up a suit at a Belk or Dillards.  Designer Consignors will be giving a portion of the proceeds to Bucket List Dream Foundation for women with ovarian cancer.  It is a great cause and there will be such amazing clothes to choose from!  Stop by at the end of the month to see what they have to offer and help out the Foundation while you shop ’til you drop!

Location: 1105 Walnut St # 3330

Phone: (919) 460-9248

Annual Health Fair Coming Up!

On March 22nd, Resources for Seniors, Inc. and the Cary Senior Center are teaming up once again for this year’s Annual Health Fair in the ballroom.  The fair will be from 9:30 am to 1 pm.  There will be local health and wellness experts, health screenings, pharmacy consultations, door prizes and much, much more!  Some health screenings will require an appointment, so please register in advance.  This event is free.  I hope we have a great turn out again this year!

Location: 120 Maury O’Dell Place

Phone: (919) 469-4081

Check It Out!

Visit the Cary Library (Academy Street in Downtown Cary) and use your Wake County Public Libraries Card in order to check out iPads and Kindles for two weeks free. A four-digit security code will be given upon checkout with use of the device. Thanks to Betty at Western Wake Hospital for this great piece of information!

Top Ten Senior Lessons Learned

In an article found online from Rolla, Missouri, there are five women at Presbyterian Manor who will celebrate birthdays of 100 or more this year. These five women are centenarians, or people who live to be one hundred years old or more. The article states that of the 299 million people living in the United States, 70,000 are estimated centenarians.

The five women were asked to share their experiences and tips for living, resulting in this “top ten” list of lessons learned and for others to live a long, enjoyable life.

Lesson #1: “Don’t drink coffee or soda; they’re bad for your health.” – Mildred Harris, birthday August 27th

Lesson #2: “Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.” – Gladys Stuart, birthday November 23rd

Lesson #3: “Walk everywhere.” – Mildred Harris, Gladys Stuart

Lesson #4: “Work hard; it makes you stronger.” – Viola Semas, birthday July 19th

Lesson #5: “Take life easy, and don’t stress over things.” – Grace Wolfson, birthday July 15

Lesson #6: “Go outside, and get some fresh air.” – Gladys Stuart

Lesson #7: “Drink lots of water.” – Mildred Harris

Lesson #8: “If you never take a stand, you’ll always be wrong. If you take a stand, you may be wrong sometimes, but you can also be right sometimes.” – Mildred Leaver, birthday June 10th

Lesson #9: “Be yourself and fulfill your dreams.” – Viola Semas

And Lesson #10: “Aging is all about attitude, not about number of years.” – Mildred Leaver