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Senior Citizen: For Beginners

Welcome! You have become a senior citizen! You may be at the 55 level where you start looking at retirement in a few years and discounts or the 60 level where retirement is right at your doorstep. No matter what step of the process you are in, we welcome you. Here I have some tips to help you along the path of being a senior citizen.

First of all, this is a time for celebration! You have come a long way and still have a full life in front of you. Plan a trip with friends or your significant other, have a night out to dinner or to a show. You may not feel like this is something to celebrate, but we feel that it is and you should see it this way as well.

Second, make sure you plan some doctor’s appointments. Yes, this one doesn’t sound as exciting, but it is best to do a couple checkups and see about maintaining your health through a healthy diet and exercise. While you’re out at those checkups, make an appointment with your social security office. Talk about where you are and when you are planning to retire. You’ll need to find out when to file for benefits and how to go about receiving Medicare coverage.

Finally, sign yourself up for some sort of fitness class. Now that you have talked to the doctor you can plan what kind of work out is best for you. The best part is, you might not have to go to the gym to do so! Check out your local Senior Center and see if they have some equipment or classes you can look into. While you’re there, look at some of the social events and trips they have planned out. Make some new friends and make a plan to go out and do something at least once a month. There are a whole bunch of opportunities open for you, all you need to do is seek them out!

Happy Holidays


What Housing Options do you have?

If you are interesting in moving, then what is your reason for wanting to do so? Are you looking to live alone or move in with a family member? Do you need onsite medical care? There is a lot to think about when it comes to housing as a senior, or at any age for that matter. Modern healthcare has allowed for many senior citizens to be able to support themselves longer, physically. Living on your own can be your own house, apartment or a senior living facility. If the cost of your own house is too much, then you might want to look into renting an apartment or townhouse in a senior living facility. However, you would be better off with assisted living if you are looking to have onsite medical assistance. Another option is to always stay with family. If you can do alright on your own, but are looking for some extra support, this is the perfect option. Think through your options and what you really need before you look into buying or renting.


Pets make wonderful companions for all ages, but there are so many more benefits for the elderly to have one. Did you know that having a pet can lower your blood pressure, decrease need for medicine and even reduce pain after an operation? A pet is a great source of mutual affection, especially for those who have lost a loved one. Pets even help alleviate symptoms of depression and sometimes physical ailments. Having a dog for example can encourage the owner to start taking more walks and getting necessary exercise. All states now allow for pets in nursing homes because of the benefits they have. Whether you live alone or in a home, a pet can help brighten your day and enrich  your quality of life.