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Never too Old to Learn

Classroom 302 at the Cary Senior Center will be the location of a new computer class called: Never too Old to Learn. There are literally 100’s of free classes on the internet that you could be utilizing. This class is to teach you where to find them and how to use them as an educational resource. The class will be from 1:30 pm to 4pm Thursday, March 14th. This is a great opportunity to get some hands on work with a computer.

Location: 120 Maury O’Dell Place

Phone: (919) 469-4081

The Hunger Games

Every Saturday, the Cary Senior Center shows a recent blockbuster film for free. The two showings are from 9:30 am until Noon and the other is 1 pm until 3:30 pm. Stick around after the movie to have a discussion with the rest of the group on what you thought about the show. The movie for January is The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is about a televised event in which children from the different districts must compete against one another until there is only one survivor. Katniss Everdeen volunteers to go in the place of her younger sister who is chosen to compete. The genre is Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi. PG-13.

Location: Classroom 303

Phone: (919) 469-4081

PC to iPad

Classroom 302 is hosting a series of classes on Apple Computer products at the Cary Senior Center! On January 16th there will be a class at 1:30 pm on how to easily move from a PC to an iPad. You may be worried that one class will not be all that you need, but the instructors are offering the class again on March 6th if you in need of a refresher! This class is free and open to Seniors 50 and up. Learn how to move your critical files, email accounts and how to use the web in this class. Also, we will be showing you Apps you can use to do the same tasks you were doing on your PC. We hope to see you this Wednesday!

Location: 120 Maury O’Dell Place

Phone: (919) 469-4081

Missed A Computer Class?

In the first half of 2012, we featured many different classes and events being held at the Cary Senior Center. Some included basic technology courses for seniors to get caught up in the fast-paced world of computers. In case any of our viewers missed these classes, there is still hope! A Computer Club for seniors 55 and over meets at 1:30 PM on the second Saturday of each month (July 14th, this coming weekend) to discuss various aspects of using a computer, software, and general interest for members. Speakers may be outside guests or members of the club that give presentations on new topics. Topics covered include Windows, Apple/Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

The club meets at the Cary Senior Center, located at 120 Maury O’Dell Place, Cary NC. The phone number is (919) 469-4081, if more information is required.

Are you Tech Savvy?

Basic Computer Applications

Computer ArtIn a dynamic technological world, it can be difficult to understand and keep up. The basic applications course provided in the Cary Senior Center can help! The course provides an overview of Microsoft applications including Open Office, Microsoft Office, and others. Within these categories, applications cover word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation utilities. A flash drive is required for this course.

The course is offered for two different dates: Tuesday, April 24th and Thursday, May 3rd from 9:30 AM to noon. The course is $39 for new students and $30 for returning students.

The Cary Senior Center is located in Bond Park at 120 Maury O’Dell Place, near NW Maynard Road and NW Cary Parkway.

Call (919) 469-4081 for more information.

Check It Out!

Visit the Cary Library (Academy Street in Downtown Cary) and use your Wake County Public Libraries Card in order to check out iPads and Kindles for two weeks free. A four-digit security code will be given upon checkout with use of the device. Thanks to Betty at Western Wake Hospital for this great piece of information!